A practical knowledge of how to use herbal medicine and acupuncture in orthopedics has evolved over many centuries in the Orient. Not only does Chinese herbal medicine really work orthopedically, it has side benefits in optimizing fitness and in prevention of aging. More recently the additional synergies of Functional Medicine and Frequency Specific Micro-current FSM , have evolved to allow an ever growing success rates in holistic orthopedics.

For starters we have specific herbal ingredients to increase blood circulation in an injured, inflamed, or degenerating joint. Let’s take the knee as an example. There are blood-moving herbs that relieve inflammation and pain while optimizing capacity for healing and regeneration, and they send their action to a very specific joint, the knee.
Then we have ingredients that feed tendons, ligaments, muscle and cartilage at specific joints. The herbal medicines are ingested as a capsule, but once they are digested they give the body a message to send the nourishment to the knee. Functional Medicine further supports regeneration of these tissues. This is remarkable.

Often people with an orthopedic condition have deficiencies in their internal organ capacity support to the tissues in and around joints and the spine. In Chinese herbal medicine there are ingredients that tonify the internal organs, to support the healing, strength and resiliency of these tissues.

Here, the influence of Daoism on Chinese herbal medicine is seen. The herbs that nourish internal organs also prevent aging. This is relevant for the baby boomer populations. Let’s take just one internal organ as an example, the Kidney.
In Chinese internal medicine, the Kidney is responsible for the hair on the head, the memory, stamina, endurance, will power, hearing, sexual function, bone density, teeth, cartilage, spinal discs, the lumbar spine, and urinary continence. Tonifying the kidneys with Chinese herbal medicine helps to optimize functioning while minimizing the aging process.
This Clinic has created a synthesis of Acupuncture with Frequency Specific Micro-current (FSM) to round out orthopedic treatments providing optimal outcomes.