President George Washington was bled to death by the accepted medical methods used in his day. GMOs, genetically modified foods, have been created scientifically in our day and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, for the moment, is accepting them as safe. They’ve been banned in many countries throughout Europe. Just because something is approved by the FDA does not necessarily mean it is safe. There are numerous examples of drugs that were once approved by the FDA, at a later date being banned and determined to be harmful by the FDA.

If an insect eating genetically modified corn dies, what effect might the genetically modified corn have on the digestive system of a person? Many people are being diagnosed with food sensitivities, allergies, intolerance to gluten, some of which are linked to, intestinal permeability, weakening in the lining of the digestive system. Genetically modified foods can be damaging to the digestive system of humans. The reader is referred learn more from Jeffrey Smith, meticulous GMO researcher, and author of Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods. Almost all corn in the U.S. food supply that is not organically grown is genetically modified. That includes popcorn at the movie theatre.

In India, agribusiness salesmen have sold genetically modified seeds to farmers, only to find the new strain of crop, having poor drought tolerance, while the previously used indigenous seeds could tolerate drought. And those farmers suffered heavy losses due to drought, plus there were new insect populations the farmers never had problems with that further decimated their crops. Dairy farmers in South Africa have reported ill health in herds of cows fed grains grown from genetically modified plants. As soon as they stopped the genetically modified feed their cows health recovered. When their feed supply ran out of non-genetically modified grown feed, and they fed their livestock genetically modified grown feed, once again their cows health problems returned.

In my conclusion, the costs of health care, ecosystem health, and agricultural production, will in the long run be lower with naturally grown produce. And people at least have a right to know if the food they are eating has been genetically modified.