At the Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic of Jonathan Breslow, we synthesize accurate diagnosis of health conditions, from both Western bio-medical, and Chinese internal organ and meridian perspectives, which yields highly individualized Chinese herbal formulas.  Chinese herbal medicine works synergistically with Acupuncture, in treatment plans designed to get results.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is the world’s oldest unbroken system of herbal medicine that has continued to evolve to this day. Since the 1950s these time-tested herbs have been scientifically researched by the Chinese government in modern clinical and hospital settings. Research on these herbs has yielded comprehensive data on organic chemical composition, along with physiological, clinical, and nutritional profiles.

In the Chinese medical model, there is a detailed diagnosis of the energetic and physiological processes behind disease. Equally refined is the Chinese herbal pharmacopoeia. Each herb has many properties that are selected to match the whole person in a balanced formula. This Clinic provides Chinese herbal formulas, in convenient, easy to take forms, that do not require cooking.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a pragmatic and predictable system of therapeutics that can be employed to effectively treat most diseases. Of special interest is the influence of Taoism in Chinese Herbal Medicine, which places emphasis on oneness with the natural world and physical longevity. This provides an excellent system of therapeutics for optimal well being and syndromes associated with aging. Chinese Herbal Medicine has the potential to rejuvenate the body, and offers a comprehensive system of preventative health care.  It can also be used alongside allopathic medicines, reducing their side effects while giving a more favorable outcome.

We guarantee the purity, potency and safety of our Chinese herbs.  Only finest quality herbs are used.  Each batch undergoes comprehensive analytical testing using TLC and HPLC chromatography and GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing standards with Certificate of Analysis.   Analytical testing is done both in Taiwan and in the USA following standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the FDA.

Here in Jonathan Breslow’s Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic, we provide Chinese medical services, including Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, to the Greater Los Angeles area including Camarillo, Ventura, Santa Barbara and Santa Monica. Please give us a call at 805-383-0318 today to schedule your comprehensive initial evaluation.