Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, is a wide spread condition that is entirely curable with holistic medicine. What is PTSD? It is living in a perpetual fight or flight state, experiencing continual anxiety and mental-emotional stress. This occurs from having gone through extreme physical and/or emotional trauma.

Being terrified when one’s life is threatened or is under extreme emotional trauma, can be a normal response. However becoming stuck in that state of fight or flight, even under safe and peaceful circumstances months and years later, is not healthy. Symptoms of PTSD include flashback experiences reliving the original trauma, anxiety, terror, nightmares, hyper arousal, angry outbursts, depression and suicidal tendencies. Examples of PTSD inducing traumas include; earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, battlefield trauma, terrorism, bombings, rape, torture, prisoners of war, child abuse, kidnappings, mugging, plane crashes, train or car wrecks. In some cases physical and emotional traumas are combined such as war veterans suffering from PTSD and traumatic head injuries.

Trauma at childbirth, perinatal trauma, and during pregnancy, prenatal trauma, are other significant causes of PTSD. An emergency C section to save a premature baby’s life, involving a sudden separation from the mother, or a mother’s experience during pregnancy, living amidst a violent civil war, are both potent examples of trauma. These commonly have PTSD effects that can affect the entire lifetime of an individual. The Association for Pre and Perinatal Psychology, APPPAH, is bringing awareness to the importance of preventing and healing these early life traumas. Casa Pacifica, in Camarillo, is an organization dedicated to locally help children in Ventura County, overcome abuse, neglect, and complex emotional-behavioral issues.

From clinical experience in the Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic of Jonathan Breslow, the most effective holistic treatments for PTSD have been Classical Homeopathy and Acupuncture with Chinese herbal medicine. The goal is for the patient to feel fine, and not have any symptoms of PTSD, while not needing any anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications nor any other psychiatric or neurological drugs. Homeopathic medicine works by balancing the effect of trauma on a level that includes, yet precedes the fabric of the personality, mind, emotions and nervous system. Acupuncture with Chinese herbal medicine works by balancing and strengthening the internal organs affected by the trauma. Jonathan Breslow’s Clinic has documented a number of dramatic resolutions of PTSD since 1985 and welcomes your inquiries.