We strive for excellence in creating highly individualized Functional medicine treatment plans. By remaining vigilant and sensitive to the precise needs of each patient, we draw from a spectrum of Functional Medicine resources to deliver unparalleled results. Our extensive functional medicine pharmacy consists of the purest, superior quality natural supplements from around the world.

Functional medicine can serve as a powerful adjunct to Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine as well as Homeopathy. We know from experience, what to prescribe and when, to achieve the goal of optimal well-being.
The Chinese have studied all common foods, analyzing their properties and therapeutic values. This forms the basis for another facet of Functional Medicinel counseling. We offer guidance as to enlightened food choices, which satisfy cravings while balancing and strengthening the internal organs.

Scientific research is being done, in the Western world today, on the therapeutic properties of botanical medicines, food extracts, and natural vitamin supplements.  This provides a wealth of interdisciplinary insights.
Laboratories in this field have made great advances. Sophisticated objective scientific testing is now available and is continually evolving.  We now have testing that shows the functioning of individual cells down to the level of the DNA.  Test results then specify which natural nutrient factors are needed to optimize functioning of individual cells.  This leads to ‘global’ improvements in well-being and is effective in a wide variety of health conditions.

Recent discoveries have made natural detoxification from environmental toxins a reality. Keeping informed of this research, which is continually growing and being clinically documented, we maintain resources for the most advanced laboratory testing.

HIPAA privacy protected live video sessions are available for long distance patients.