It is possible to trace the causes of Autism Spectrum disorders, Aspergers, ADD, ADHD, OCD and other learning / behavioral disorders in children. Then homeopathic medicine can be used stimulate a deep rebalancing of the nervous system and body-mind state of the child.

There are many causative factors of Autism and learning / behavioral disorders and in some cases they combine to create the imbalance. During pregnancy, if the mother is having to deal with a difficult life situation, often the state of the mother under a specific type of stress, will be absorbed by the forming nervous system and brain of the fetus. The result can have a profoundly limiting effect on the child and in fact the entire lifetime of a person. We see this frequently with adopted children, or infants coming from a war zone. For this reason, throughout the world many cultures emphasize protecting the mother during the pregnancy seeing that she is kept in a peaceful surroundings and happy state of being.

We can also see health problems in the parents, or their unresolved psychological imbalances get transferred to the fetus and become magnified in the next generation. Birth trauma, as well as overuse of vaccinations, are other causes.
A unique therapeutic strength of homeopathic medicine is that it stimulates the body-mind state to self heal and rebalance from within on levels which precede the psychology, fabric of nervous system and personality, yet include them. Homeopathic medicine can enable one to experience optimal well being to become free to live out the lofty goals of human existence.