Infertility has, unfortunately, become a prevalent issue in bringing a new life into our current world. There are a number of factors that lead to both male and female infertility. Allopathic medical diagnosis of infertility can be necessary and is informative for creating successful holistic treatments. Holistic medicine offers real understandings of the causes and, in many cases, provides clinically effective treatments. Furthermore, in cases where in vitro fertilization is necessary, holistic treatment plays a supportive and complimentary role to enhance outcomes. A synthesis of powerful holistic therapies, both ancient and contemporary, provides optimal results, it includes; Chinese Herbal Medicine, Functional Medicine with advanced laboratory testing, Clinical Nutrition, Classical Homeopathy and Acupuncture. This article focuses on holistically treatable causes of infertility.

Exposure to toxins from the environment and food supply can be causative agents or contributing factors of infertility. Heavy metal toxicity can occur from such things silver amalgam dental fillings, mercury in fish, fluoride in toothpaste, and chemicals in cosmetics and household cleaning agents. Exposure to lead can occur from such sources as renovating old houses or leaded fuels. Other factors are chemicals from plastics like BPA, additives and pesticide residues in our foods, genetically modified foods (GMO) and side effects from pharmaceuticals; notably high blood pressure medications. Chemo and radio-therapies may also be factors Premature aging arising from life style indiscretions, such as cadmium toxicity from tobacco smoke, abuse of alcohol and drugs are known to have detrimental effects on fertility levels.

Female infertility may be linked to use of the birth control pill. Other factors include; age, history of blood loss from heavy menstrual periods, multiple pregnancies, endocrine imbalances, metabolic syndrome with obesity, overwork, stress, chronic psychological disorders and poor nutrition. These factor lead to internal organ imbalances, including but not limited to, depletion of Liver blood and Kidney vitality.

With male infertility, depleted Kidney vitality can lead to poor sperm count and motility as well as sexual impotence. Prolonged immoderate sexual activity, toxicity, overwork with stress, and aging are common causes of depleted Kidney vitality.

Effective holistic fertility treatment depends on the causes, which vary in each individual case. Chinese herbal medicine has effective, time-tested treatments to balance internal organs, and tonics, for example, to nourish Kidney vitality and Liver blood. These Chinese herbal medicines are available in easy to take forms. In the process of treating infertility, Chinese herbal tonics have such side benefits as; increased core energy stamina, improved memory, stronger lower back and knees, some reversal of aging, prevention of hair loss, improved vision, and increase of bone density. Acupuncture has proven treatment protocols that support successful outcomes of in vitro fertilization.

Functional medicine, works well to accomplish detoxification and optimize cellular functioning which can play a pivotal role in fertility treatment. To achieve this, advanced laboratory testing enables precisely individualized clinical nutritional supplementation. In some cases cellular protomorphogen extracts of glands and regions of the brain work synergistically with Chinese herbal medicine for dynamic results. When appropriate, dietary guidance facilitates detoxification, endocrine and metabolic balancing which supports improvement in fertility. Taking into consideration food preferences and cravings, healthy food choice options are provided that taste great.

Classical homeopathic medicine, sometimes referred to as constitutional, is the deepest acting holistic therapy. Homeopathy can stimulate the entire body-mind system to optimize and reset itself from within. It can stimulate cure of chronic health conditions, including psychological disorders that lead to infertility. Homeopathy can also prevents these disease tendencies from being passed on to the baby, the next generation. In one case a woman was diagnosed of having a defect in the luteal phase of egg development. Extensive hormonal therapies by her obstetrician had failed. A homeopathic medicine which acted directly to balance the pituitary gland, worked rapidly to cure her infertility while it increased energy levels.

A sequence of these holistic therapies is necessary in some cases. These holistic therapies have no side effects and are natural. In the process of resolving reproductive system fertility issues, they optimize the whole health of both parents, improving functioning on many levels.

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