Chocolate is widely enjoyed and craved by mankind. Its use has been traced back to Mayan and Aztec civilizations. Chocolate has an emotionally satisfying effect that is connected with love and Valentines Day. People, who are depressed or have been disappointed in love, will often have primal desires for chocolate. The brain biochemistry of these people is lacking in phenylethylamine; a biochemical that is present in chocolate.

Homeopathic medicine sheds further light on Chocolate and its therapeutic value. Chocolate is in the botanical family of the Malvales. In Homeopathic medicine the entire Malvales family has an experiential theme of two parts being joined as if one entity. This is an intimate bonding as seen between a mother and baby or falling in love. The union is then followed by a detachment and separation. For example, the experience of a mother dying leaving her infant, or a relationship breakup or divorce. Now, chocolate, within the Malvales family, has a pronounced quality of suddenness to the separation experience.

In Homeopathic medicine, double blind studies known as Provings have been conducted using chocolate prepared into a homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic chocolate was given to people who were instructed to record their dreams. In this Proving someone had a pronounced dream of a mother hedgehog suddenly abandoning her young.

In nature, the hedgehog is one mammal, where the mother abruptly cuts off the process of nursing and caring for its young. The mother totally abandons her offspring to be on their own and fend for themselves. Here we see natures closest bonding between the mother and offspring suddenly ended. This has an analogy to chocolate in humans. Homeopathic chocolate can, when the corresponding sensation and state of being is present, have a profoundly healing effect upon people stuck in the experiences of being joined and abruptly separated. Here we see a fascinating interconnectedness of life.

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