In 2016, Alzheimers and other dementias will cost the US, an estimated $236 billion. Alzheimer’s kills more than breast and prostate cancers combined, while 1 in 9 Americans over age 65 have Alzheimers. With Functional Medicine we have found in mineral Lithium; an effective key part to a holistic nutritional solution.

Lithium is a trace mineral that naturally occurs in our water and foods. 95 years ago it was added to a soft drink. In his book, Nutritional Lithium: The Cinderella Story, integrative psychiatrist, James Greenblatt, MD. illustrates Lithium’s role as a mineral essential to human health. Lithium’s atomic number is 6.941. He explains how that number was rounded off to 7. Which, interestingly, is how the original Lithium containing soft drink , 7Up, was so named.
Dr. Greenblatt supplies research showing Lithium’s benefits in preventing memory loss and cognitive decline. He explains how amyloid plaques on brain tissue that occur with Alzheimer’s can be removed with mineral Lithium.

Jonathan Breslow’s diligent research led him to study with the Institute for Functional Medicine earlier this year. This experience served to deepen his nutritional skills and provide a formidable array of tools and clinical pearls to help more patients holistically. His clinic, now provides mineral Lithium to those senior patients who wish to improve brain health and reverse memory loss.