Homeopathy was given a long overdue recognition in the United States at the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. The American Medical College of Homeopathy,Phoenix,Arizona, rang the closing bell at the NASDAQ stock exchange on December 30, 2013. This was broadcast in 5-story videos of homeopathic advocates with the National Center for Homeopathy in New York’s Times Square.
The Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic of Jonathan Breslow, being dedicated to providing the highest standards homeopathic care, knows of its efficacy and strong historical background throughout our world. Dana Ullman, has provided a great service in documenting this.

One little known aspect that Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln had in common, was their support for homeopathy. These were courageous, strong willed men, leaders with high intelligence and vision. To quote Gandhi, ‘Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other form of treatment and is beyond doubt, safer and more economical.’
Homeopathy is a highly effective holistic healthcare system of that excels as a form of preventative medicine. I believe that Obamacare, with its aims of increasing the wellbeing of Americans while saving money, would do well to find ways to include homeopathic medicine.

In my opinion, the healthcare system in America needs to shift from its current emphasis on disease care to being an integrative system of wellness health care. People are becoming increasing aware of the price they pay for allopathic drugs, is highest in their side effects which affect the quality of life. I am in agreement on this with Andrew Weil, MD, a wise and insightful contemporary preventative medical doctor who has eloquently stated the same things.