Pregnancy is a beautiful and important time to enjoy harmony and balance in body, mind and spirit. A new life is being created in this prenatal period. It is a sensitive phase where the life situation and environment of the mother,; her state of mind, emotion and bodily health, have profound influences on the fetus. For this reason, many cultures have historically taken care to protect and support the mother during pregnancy. A lesson we would do well to understand.

In supporting optimal health during pregnancy for mother and fetus, we need an effective natural holistic therapy that is totally safe to use and free from side effects. Essential is a treatment that is both gentle and deep acting while being very simple and easy to use. And we want a holistic approach that has a long proven track record in successfully optimizing health during pregnancy.

Look no further, Homeopathic medicine is the holistic therapy that fulfills all of these parameters. Homeopathy stimulates the entire psycho-immuno-neuro-endocrine body-mind state of the mother, to self-balance itself. As a result the mother’s body heals itself. This is of great benefit to mother and child. The effects of prenatal trauma can have profound effects upon the entire life of an individual. Clinical examples of the ramifications of prenatal trauma abound in the article, Healing the Effects of Pre and Perinatal Traumas with Homeopathic Medicine[i].

Here is one case cited from the article. Prenatal trauma seems to be prevalent in adopted children. The biological parents of these children can carry a heavy epigenetic baggage while facing extremes of situational adversity. In the following case, the adoptive parents brought to my clinic their five-year-old son who presented with chronic sinus infections that had been treated with antibiotics. He then experienced a chronic clear nasal discharge that never went away. The boy was kept on continued prophylactic doses of antibiotics. Very few other symptoms were evident except for some peculiar behaviors; for example, the boy would take off his clothes and pee on the floor. Also, he was observed leaning against a wall while making gestures resembling the actor, W.C Fields. The boy’s biological parents were not married and they had a motorcycle biker lifestyle. Early on in her pregnancy, the biological mother discovered that the biological father had an affair with her best female friend. Then, in reaction, the pregnant mother had an affair with the biological father’s best male friend. The biological father was then violent toward the biological mother after which she got a restraining order against him. That was the pregnancy. Analysis of the prenatal state was that there were likely strong feelings related to being abused, treated poorly, with sudden violence and shameless, lewd behavior. The analysis of this case was greatly helped by immense computerized databases of symptoms from practicing homeopathic physicians over the last 250 years. There is homeopathic medicine, Hyoscyamus niger, that has a dynamic disturbance where one makes gestures as if he is an actor. This particular medicine is from the Solanaceae plant family and it is also has the features of sudden violence, being treated like trash, abused, with desire to kill, and shamelessness. Hyoscyamus niger 200C was given to the boy. His nasal discharge quickly cleared up and the antibiotics were no longer needed. He stopped taking off his clothes and peeing on the floor. The results of prenatal trauma may take years to develop as he grows from a young boy to an older child, then teenager into adult. The seed of that prenatal trauma could develop into nightmarish foliage. These prenatal traumas represent the roots of what could become the senseless acts of murder, sexual abuse, and the atrocities we regularly hear about in the news.

Homeopathic medicine has the power to clear away the malefic imprint of prenatal trauma. It can free up the next generation’s abilities needed to address the challenges facing life. Jonathan Breslow, CCH, RSHOMNA, has been providing homeopathic health optimization to women during pregnancy since 1985.

[i] . Breslow,J. (2015) Healing the Effects of Pre and Perinatal Traumas. Lakewood, CO: APPPAH, Journal of the Association of Pre & Perinatal Psychology and Health.Vol 29, Spring 2015.