This delicious, easy to digest kimchi, is an excellent source of healthy non-dairy probiotic bacteria with prebiotics. It also contains a nutritional factor that enables the immune system of the large intestine to effectively use the probiotics. Organic vegan kimchi is a great tasting addition to meals that goes a long way to creating a healthy diverse microbiome.

5 lbs Organic Napa Cabbage finely sliced
11 oz Organic Carrots shredded
6.5 oz Organic green onion or leek, diced and chopped
1 oz Organic ginger juice (from juice squeezed out of grated ginger)
2 oz Coarse Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt
1.5 tsp Organic Cayenne powder
1.5 tsp Organic Chili Flakes
1 oz Organic garlic
Clean Mason-type Pickling Jars
Prep time: 30 – 45 min. Yield: 3 – 4 quarts

In a large clean non-porous bowl, mix together all ingredients, except the cabbage. Once these ingredients are well mixed into a paste–like consistency, add in the cabbage. With clean hands, massage and knead the paste mixture into the cabbage pieces until all of the cabbage is thoroughly covered by the paste.
Now you are ready to pack the mixture into your fermentation vessel(s). Do this by packing the mixture down into the jar as tightly as possible, using your fist or the end of a rolling pin or thick utensil handle. It is important that the mixture be crushed as it is tamped down forcefully. This will release liquid from the vegetables so that they are completely submerged under their own liquid. If there is not enough liquid, do not add water or vinegar; tamp down the mixture more and wait 24 hours . Then check again and there should be enough liquid to cover the vegetables. Put the lids on your pickling jars. Feel free to sample the kimchi at intervals to the point where it tastes best.
Keep your pickling vessels at cool room temperature. Fermentation will be complete in about 7 days. Once done, kimchi will keep almost indefinitely in the refrigerator. However this kimchi is delicious and goes quickly. It’s nice to have a few smaller jars made to share with family and friends. Over 80% of the population have low diversities of healthy bacteria in their microbiome, therefore it makes an invaluable gift. The Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic of Jonathan Breslow is dedicated to share Clinical Nutrition proven foods that taste great, prevent illnesses and foster optimal wellness.

(If fermenting in a crock, place whole large clean outer leaves of the cabbage on top of the packed down mixture and place your weights on top of the leaves. Place the lid on the crock and fill the moat with water.)