Sciatica, Ruptured Lumbar Disc, Lumbago, Joint Pain

I was having a very intense sciatica episode and severe impaired function of my left leg and back which began a week before my first visit to Jonathan Breslow. I have had back problems on and off through my life, but never to the extreme constant pain and immobility of this episode. I was barely able to stand up straight. I could not sit and was mostly bed-ridden. The episode was caused by over exertion and use.
I have been treated by a Chiropractor for many years and was being treated twice a day for one week by a Chiropractor for the particular episode that brought me to Jonathan Breslow. The results from the Chiropractor were minimal after going twice a day for a full week. I was still unable to stand straight or sit up on my own.
My wife found Jonathan Breslow when I asked her to find a local acupuncturist. She spoke to Jonathan on the phone and was impressed with the thoroughness of his questions and his confident ability that he could help me. His schedule permitted him to see me the same day.
I have had phenomenal results since coming to Jonathan Breslow. I hobbled into his office on my wife’s arm, barely able to stand up straight and in immense pain with very limited mobility. After my initial treatment, I was able to stand straight and walk out of his office with dramatically increased mobility and decreased pain.
Subsequent visits resulted in full mobility and movement and nearly complete elimination of my pain. Since then I have been using a combination of acupuncture and homeopathy which has brought miraculous relief from the stiffness and pain in my joints, knees, back, and neck. I have had 2 relapses over the past 3 years (usually due to over-exertion and neglect of stretching and lack of a proper diet), in which the treatments of Jonathan Breslow have restored me to almost full function in as short as a week in one case. IT IS AMAZING!
The greatest benefit of going to Jonathan Breslow is that he focuses on my healing and not just treating the symptoms. His fine attention to detail and personal individual attention shows in the incredible results of healing and wellness. The side affects of both homeopathy and acupuncture have resulted in increased energy, weight loss, and overall better sense of well being and vibrancy!
If traditional methods are not producing the results you desire, I implore anyone to at least give it a try, what do you have to lose? Visiting Jonathan Breslow is worth your time. I highly recommend him all the time to anyone who is seeking true health and healing.

S.B. Age 40