Tao of the Smoothie

We now have time-saving & easy ways to make great tasting super food blender drinks that optimize cellular functioning and wellness. Super food smoothies benefit the eyesight, energy level, weight loss metabolism, cardio vascular system, immune system, digestion & elimination, have anti-cancer properties, support detoxification, stabilize blood sugar, reduce tendencies to adult onset diabetes, and high blood pressure.

In creating smoothies we should try to have a reasonable balance of macronutrients of approximately proteins 30% to carbohydrates 40%, and healthy fats 30%.  It is best to use a blender to make smoothies.  A proportion of 60% liquid to 40% frozen fruit is a general guideline, which can vary depending upon such factors as the type of blender, choice of fruit and personal preference.  With most blenders one starts by first placing in your liquid.  Next add in the protein powder, green super food powder, according to product recommendations.  Then add Hemp and Chia seeds, about a tablespoonful of each per 12 ounces of smoothie.  If non frozen fruit is being used, it ia added next. Lastly add frozen fruit.

Recommended liquids are unsweetened Almond, Coconut, Rice or Hemp milk, non-GMO and preferably organic. These non-dairy ‘milks’ can be mixed with organic juice ie. 70% non-dairy milk with 30% juice, such as pomegranate.

Recommended protein is Pea protein powder or a Pea / Rice protein powder mix. Note that sweeteners and lecithin, if present, should be organic.  Organic non-GMO Soy protein powder can be used if you are not allergic to Soy.

Sources of healthy fats include, hulled organic Hemp seeds, organic Chia seeds, and avocado. These are readily available. The seeds quickly liquefy in a blender and help to create a creamy consistency. Alternatively, a piece of avocado will add creaminess.

Organic fruits and berries are recommended as sources of high energy antioxidant rich, paleo carbohydrates. Organic raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, cherries and pomegranate are excellent.  Pigments in berries contain anti-oxidant nutritional factors that make them super foods. Organic berries are available frozen, which makes them very easy to use. Banana is not recommended as a main fruit in smoothies as it can lead to production of excess mucus.

Adding a non-GMO, organic super foods green supplement in powder form is excellent.  Green supplements containing Chlorella, not only supply chlorophyll, but also provide a vegan source of Vitamin B12.  Chlorella has an added benefit with its detoxifying properties.  Some super food supplement powders contain a variety of fruits and vegetables along with Acai and other super foods.  The label needs to be carefully checked to be sure the ingredients are not genetically modified, (non-GMO), and organic.

It is noted that frozen fruit, will create a cold smoothie. For those with weak digestion, who are easily chilled, where the season and/or environmental conditions are cold; it is recommended to add a piece of fresh ginger into the blender.   Fresh ginger has warming and drying properties that counteract cold factors.

A word of caution for weekend warriors or those drinking these great smoothies in hot weather conditions in conjunction with vigorous exertion. Cold drinks going down the esophagus can contract the arteries of the heart when it is expanding and pumping fast.  This could lead to a heart attack. Therefore it is not healthy under these conditions to gulp down a cold smoothie. Under these conditions it is recommended to hold each mouthful allowing it to lose its frozen chill temperature, before swallowing.

The Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic of Jonathan Breslow encourages you to experiment alternating different varieties of  organic fruits and protein powders as well as healthy fats. Enjoy your smoothies while increasing your well being.  Optimal health is our birthright.