What does the healing power of China have to do with Germany and Peru. Most people would have no clue. This is a true story.

In the 18th century there was a German physician, Samuel Hahnemann who had a large family with many kids. Some of his own family members as well as patients died of diseases he was unable to cure. He became disillusioned with barbaric medicine as it was being practiced then, and changed occupations to become a medical researcher.
Hahnemann was given the project to research a Peruvian bark from which Quinine is derived, that was known to cure malaria; Cinchona officinalis, also known as China officinalis or China in the homeopathic materia medica.
Hahnemann was curious, about this China and decided experiment on himself. He ate some of this bark and developed symptoms of malaria. From this experience he discovered the definition upon which homeopathic medicine is based,namely like cures like.

So what is the healing power of China? Well, China, as a homeopathic medicine, is great for gas pains after abdominal surgeries. I’ve seen this alternative medicine work miracles following abdominal laproscopic surgeries where air is pumped into the abdomen and there are gas pains after surgery. China can act immediately.

In addition to that, imagine someone who is weak and is being hindered or persecuted by a government or by a boss at their workplace, and they are unable to achieve their goals and dreams. In homeopathic pharmacy, China can help keep someone strong, preventing them from getting depressed with feeling sorry for themselves. It can help keep their attitude positive under such circumstances. This is one example of how patients holistically receive homeopathic treatment at the Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic of Jonathan Breslow.