Over 3 million women in the United States experience postpartum depression (PPD) annually. PPD is safely and effectively treatable with holistic medicine.

Allopathic anti-depressant medications, can have side effects, that are serious in some cases. They often do not cure underlying causes of depression and can lead to chronic anti-depressant drug dependency.

In contrast, homeopathic medicine excels in treating postpartum depression. This holistic healthcare modality has no side effects and is totally safe for infant breastfeeding. Homeopathy gently stimulates the mother’s body-mind state to balance and heal itself. In this healing process, homeopathy stimulates deeper curative responses that globally optimize the mother’s health. Therefore it is not uncommon to see a mother cured of post partum depression with homeopathy, for example, to experience strengthening of her lower back, and improved gastrointestinal functioning.

Holistic medicine has been enriched by the practical wisdom of Chinese herbal medicine. Chinese herbal medicine has been perfecting treatments for PPD for the last 1500 years. These herbal therapies provide balancing, nourishing, and rejuvenating support that are delicious when added to soups.

The holistic practice of Jonathan Breslow offers a synthesis of safe, natural modalities to optimize postpartum wellness for mother and infant.