Optimal well being is our birthright and this Southern California Holistic practice is dedicated to helping patients realize the highest possible levels of wellness. In this multidisciplinary practice objective results are what we specialize in. We provide those results in a warm, caring atmosphere. Advanced techniques get results and make happy patients (Click for Testimonials). Deeply curative results are realized in a phenomenally wide range of diseases in this practice. How, one may ask, is this possible?
Most health care, including natural approaches, often does not address the underlying root causes of disease. Instead they seek to temporarily relieve or suppress symptoms. Not only is no deeper cure attained, but side effects are common. As the disease remains unresolved, symptoms repeatedly arise which again are palliated or suppressed. This becomes the most unsatisfactory and expensive outcome.
Integrating a spectrum of alternative holistic medical therapies including Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Classical Homeopathy & Functional Medicine.
In contrast to this, for decades Jonathan Breslow has dedicated his life to seeking out and extensively studying the most advanced holistic health modalities internationally (Click for Breslow’s Bio). Few health practitioners can equal the depth of this multidisciplinary holistic training. As a result he has attained a critical mass of knowledge and clinical skills, which provide a unique ability to understand the underlying causes of disease and select the most efficacious and practical natural path to Cure. When the cause of disease is naturally addressed, the patient realizes a high level of well being. The patient is then no longer dependent on treatments to relieve or suppress symptoms. This is the desired, most favorable, and most economical outcome.

Although the Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic of Jonathan Breslow is physically located in Camarillo, California, Jonathan Breslow provides alternative medicine services including holistic health care to Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara and many other surrounding cities in this Southern California area.